Since we first met in 1992, Claudia, an energy medicine specialist and spiritual life coach, and I, Charles, originally an IT specialist and now a healing channel for conflict situations and committed advocate for energy medicine in its various forms, have received numerous life-changing information from the Divine Source.


This culminated in obtaining the wondrous divine gift of Aqua Vitalis Elixir® in 2017, in response to my soul’s calling. It is our mission to support dis-eased people to transition back to wholeness and greater health.


Since the introduction of Aqua Vitalis Elixir® to the market, our clients have already experienced deep transformation, as Aqua Vitalis Elixir® gently restores the original electrical frequency at cellular level and thus positively impacts various serious illnesses.


We are only beginning to understand what this divine product can achieve for mankind and we are very excited and honoured to offer it to you now!


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