Gabriele B.



Hello everyone, greetings. Here is Gabriele. Yes, a thousand thanks for Aqua Vitalis. The miracle water has arrived. And I've also experienced miracles. This immediately flows into the blood. I had phlebitis on my left foot. Then there was a reaction. The foot became red and thick, swelled immediately and now everything flows again.


So it goes into the capillaries and and and. Yes, I would also like to order for 2 more subjects. So it goes into the capillaries, you can see better, in the third eye, in all incarnations, and and and. So, I am very grateful and happy. All the best, dear ones, goodbye.


Further experiences from Gabriele


Month 1

  • The flames in the temple of my heart grow stronger. Start to shine again

  • The stream of light flows through my body again

  • And nourishes / nourishes the immune system organs, my gross / subtle body


Month 2

  • The topics of my life are revealed to me

  • Energy blockages begin to dissolve, transform


Month 3

  • Salvation - grace - liberation sets in with me

  • A holistic presence now takes up space in my life